PLASTIC VISION is an Artist Collective based in Portland, Oregon. Finding itself at the intersection of environmental and social possibilities, Plastic Vision is reimagining disposable waste-destined plastics as a raw, valuable resource. Plastic Vision’s mission is to create local plastics recycling projects through small scale manufacturing and educational community programming.

There is currently little to no market for post-consumer plastic. In 2017 China ceased taking co-mingled recycling from the US and most types of plastic are now destined for landfills. Many communities are looking for a solution for their plastic waste and meanwhile many industries are looking to source their materials in a more responsible way. Transportation, processing costs and low-market value are some of the challenges that make recycling difficult on a large scale. Our model is not to process a large volume of random material, rather to consider waste streams individually and design ways to process them locally.

These efforts are to reintroduce recycled plastics as a valuable material to our community; recognition of current behavior and a significant understanding; and change in practical applications will show at a community-level.